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Science Fair -2017 

All sixth - eighth grade students will be participating in the research project, Science Fair. 

Participants will write a research paper, create a display board, 
on an science topic of their choice off the provided topic list.


Important dates will be posted as they are assigned.


12-2016                 Topic Selection

01-04-2016            Begin research

1-11-2017              Display Board Order Forms due

1-17-2017              5-10 Library Books from local libraries. Students must bring them to school.
                              Students must also have page 6 of their science fair notebook signed by a librarian
                              from the library they visited. NO EXCEPTIONS. If the notebook is not with the
                              student, they will need to go to another library or return to the library for the

1-20-2017              Safety Sheet due end of class

1-20-2017              Procedure due end of class

1-20-2017              Materials list due end of class

1-20-2017              Hypothesis due end of class

1-27-2017             50 Fact cards covering all 10 requrired sources 6th, 7th & 8th grade

1-27-2017              Project Title due

2-3-2017                Project Title letters cut out

2-3-2017                Title Page end of class

2-3-2017                Bibliography end of class

2-6-2017                 Title glued on board by end of class

2-6-2017                 Start Literature Review in class (10 to 15 paragraphs)
                               Must cover the the 10 required sources.
                               (Minumum 10 facts used - 1 from each source)

2-6-2017                 Start Experiment

2-20-2017               Finish Experiment Charts with data must be brought to class on 2-20.

3-03-2017               Project BOARD is due at the beginning of the class period. 

                               Any students not in attendance must have their projects 
                               brought to school in order to receive full credit.

                               Project includes: Display board                        

                               Source Requirements and 
                               cited in text on the display board

                               2 Websites, 
                               1 Journal (peer reviewed), 
                               1 Dictionary,
                               1 Encyclopedia, 
                               5 Books

3-03-2017               Paper due at end of class (we will be assembling and printing the pages in class).

3-06-2017               Write the presentation

3-07-2017               Classroom presentations begin

03-11-2017             Regional History Fair
                               Extra Credit (10% bump in the science fair grade) will be given to
                               students who choose to present at the Regional Fair)

                               Bradley University - Ballroom in the Student Center

TBA                        Illinois State Fair at Northern Illinois University