Dress Code Overview

Detailed Dress Code Requirements are found on pages 43-46 of the Student Handbook

Dress Code
St. Mary’s School requires all students from kindergarten through the eighth grade to abide by the school dress code. Students are expected to be clean, well groomed and neatly clothed. Uniforms help provide structure and organization within the school. Wearing uniforms also helps ease the stress of what to wear each school day, relieving peer pressure, and maintaining a commonality among students. Thus, the school can place greater emphasis on religious formation, academic achievement, and Catholic identity.

Uniform items can be purchased from area stores such as Dollar General, J.C. Penney, Sears, Target, Walmart, and Lagron Miller in Peoria. Other stores and catalogs, such as French Toast, Land’s End, and Choice Uniforms are available for purchasing uniform items at reasonable costs. French Toast and Choice Uniforms offer five percent paybacks to St. Mary’s School.

Parents may contact the Principal for information. Parents are free to take uniforms from the cafeteria for their children as they wish. Outgrown, clean uniforms in good condition may be donated to this collection at any time. When donating uniforms, it is helpful to pin the size of clothing to the uniform. Special days may be designated for non-uniform attire such as school picture day or a special activity or spirit day. Guidelines for acceptable dress are given prior to these events. These days will be announced by the Principal and stated in the newsletter. Students involved in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts may wear their uniforms on meeting day.

School Uniform Shirt
Parents will have the opportunity to purchase a specific “school uniform shirt” in white, blue, or yellow with the school logo several times during the school year. Students may wear the specified “school uniform shirt” with logo as a part of the daily uniform. Parents may contact the Principal for information about the “school uniform shirt.”

Violations of the Dress Code

It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their children dress in accordance with the above policy each day. Violations may result in disciplinary action or a call to the parents to bring an exchange of clothing for the student. Students wearing attire or hairstyles that may be questionable or found disruptive to the learning environment, will be sent to the office for review by the Principal.

The dress code will be enforced. To avoid embarrassment to any child, the staff of St. Mary’s School asks for parental support. The code is effective from the first day of school through the last day unless otherwise notified. If for some reason a student must attend school out of uniform as detailed above,
the parents must write a note to the teacher stating the reason. The note will be forwarded to the Principal. Continued violation of the dress code will result in disciplinary act.