Admission Inquiries

St. Mary’s school strives to build character through a comprehensive approach, which seeks to develop not only the mind, body and soul of each individual, but also that of the school as a whole.  With Jesus Christ as our leader, St. Mary’s has the most profound example of leadership at its forefront; a leader whose love of neighbor always went beyond his own personal wants and needs.  By approaching education in light of our faith, St. Mary’s strives to instill these qualities in our students; so that we not only teach about the distinguished leaders of the past, but mold heroic leaders for our future.  The reminder of the Gospels call to live a holy life is present throughout the school and students’ daily activities.  By infusing faith throughout the curriculum, St. Mary’s helps the student become well-rounded individuals who contribute to society in a much more profound way. 


Mr. Ron Kiesewetter, Principal

Mrs. Julie Harper, Administrative Assistant

(309) 367-2528

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