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History Fair 2016-2017 

Taking a Stand in History

All sixth - eighth grade students will be participating in the research project, History Fair. 

Participants will write a research paper, known as the display board,
on an Illinois history topic of their choice off the provided topic list.

Students will turn in their display board, fact cards, source cards, and annotated bibliography
 on October 14, 2016 for their final project grade.

Students will present their projects to their class starting on
October 17, 2016 for an oral presentation grade.

Projects will be judged in November by a team of volunteers.

Based on judges' score sheets, the 9 top outstanding projects will proceed to the History Fair in Springfield. One project will be voted "People's Choice" by the students, teacher, families, and community members in attendance at the St. Mary's History Fair night. The People's Choice award winner will also advance to the Regional Fair.


Important dates will be posted as they are assigned.


9-2-2016                Topic Selection

9-2-2016                Begin research

                               Research will include a trip to the Peoria Historical Society's
                               Special Collection at the Bradley University Library.
                               Research must include a variety of source listed below. 
                               Students may need to interview experts, conduct research at
                               additional libraries, attend lectures, visit local museums,
                               or visit historic places for additional information.

9-13-2016              7th grade trip to Bradley University Library

9-14-2016              8th grade trip to Bradley University Library

9-16-2016              6th grade trip to Bradley University Library

9-19-2016              50 Fact cards due 6th & 8th grade

9-20-2016              50 Fact cards due 7th grade

9-22-2016              Narrowing Topic Form

9-22-2016              Display Board Order Forms due

9-23-2016              Project Title due

9-27-2016              Project Title letters cut out

9-30-2016              10 pictures due 

9-30-2016               Timeline due (at least 15 dates) 

10-4-2016               Pictures 1-3 Captions due

10-5-2016               Pictures 4-6 Captions due

10-6-2016               Pictures 7-10 Captions due (plus any additional picture captions)

10-14-2016             Project due at the beginning of the class period.
                               Any students not in attendance must have their projects
                               brought to school in order to receive full credit.

                               Project includes: Display board, fact cards, source cards,
                                                          and annotated bibliography

                               Source Requirements (As many primary sources as possible)
                               Must be typed on the annotated bibliography page and
                               cited in text on the display board

                               5 Websites,
                               1 Journal (peer reviewed), 
                               1 Magazine,
                               1 Newspaper,
                               1 Dictionary,
                               1 Encyclopedia,
                               2 Books,
                               2 Interview/YouTube/Video Etc., 
                               10 or more Pictures or Pictures of Artifacts,
                               1 Other (Free Choice)

10-17-2016            Summary Statement Form

10-18-2016            Classroom presentations begin

TBA                        St. Mary's History Fair

03-18-2017             Regional History Fair 
                               Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library - Springfield, Illinois

TBA                        Illinois State History Expo

06-11-2017             National History Fair