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Welcome to Mrs. Noble's Homepage!!

I am the 6-8 History and Literature Teacher!

I am also the 6th Grade homeroom teacher, where we work on typing!

Below you can find ways to contact me, my grading policies, and classroom management.

Contact Information

school email:   or
personal email:


6th Grade History:      message   @misseclin     to     81010
6th Grade Literature:  message   @ed33kd        to     81010

7th Grade History:      message   @misseclinc   to    81010
7th Grade Literature:  message   @bfg869         to    81010

8th Grade History:      message   @47he24         to    81010
8th Grade Literature:  message   @ea777g         to    81010

Grading Policies

Late Work
Each Quarter, each student will be permitted to submit three assignments late, after that each late assignment will lose 10% for each day that that assignment is late. If Mrs. Noble is made aware of a reason that an assignment cannot be completed on time BEFORE the due date, allowances can be made and a new date planned for. Please make sure to communicate any confusion or problems with Mrs. Noble!!

Students will be given plenty of notice on tests so that they can have opportunity to study. Depending on the material and how comfortable the students are with it, Mrs. Noble will decide if they will be allowed to use notes on a test. The following day of every test the class will have a chance to correct any wrong answers (besides essays) for half credit for a chance to bring up their grade. If they are still unsatisfied with their grade they may ask to retake the test for 90% credit by filling out a "Request to Retest" form.

Throughout the year the students will be taking interactive notes in both Literature and Social Studies. When the time comes, Mrs. Noble will check notebooks for a completion grade to ensure they are keeping up with the expectations for the material. If the students miss a day they will be expected to either ask a classmate or Mrs. Noble for notes they missed.

Request to Resubmit or Retest
Students will have the opportunity to apply to resubmit homework or retest any test that they feel they did poorly on. Late assignments that are redone will still be subjected to the late grading policy. Being able to resubmit an assignment or retest is a privilege, not a right. Please note that not all applications will be accepted.

Classroom Management

Punch Cards
The students will receive punch cards that will be punched when Mrs. Noble catches the students doing something virtuous or above and beyond. Once they have completed a punch card, they will have the opportunity to exchange their punch cards for increasingly "valuable" prizes for either 1 punch card, 2 punch cards, or 3 punch cards. This will help the students learn about value and patience in saving up their cards to try and obtain more "valuable" prizes.

Brownie Points
Anytime a teacher (not Mrs. Noble) compliments our class on their behavior we will receive a Brownie Point! Once our class has gotten 10 brownies, the entire class will earn a reward. Some examples used in previous years include:

  • bring a soda to class
  • sit back and read day
  • movie day
  • Mrs. Noble brings in a treat
  • class potluck

The class will be given options and vote together on which celebration they would like to use for ONE class period in Mrs. Noble's classroom.