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What is Scrip?

Scrip means "substitute money". Scrip, which is just like a gift certificate or gift card, is issued by national and local retailers where many of us already shop. These merchants want to support non-profit organizations, and in return ask us to support them by shopping with scrip at their stores. Scrip can be used to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, we earn revenue in the form of a rebate.

How Do I Earn Tuition Credit?
40% of the scrip rebates that you earn will be credited to your tuition bill. The other 60% goes to the PTO, which uses all of its funds to benefit our students and faculty. After your rebates to the PTO plus your tuition credit reach $500, ALL future rebates earned during the academic year will be credited to your tuition bill.

How Do I Place a Scrip Order?
Orders may be placed on-line (preferred) or using paper order forms (see links below). On-line orders can be placed on the website for our Scrip Center at Please click on the Scrip Calendar link below to see order due dates and delivery dates.

In addition scrip from selected retailers is always available in the school office. Please see the list of "on hand" scrip below.

If you have never placed an on-line order, but have submitted an order on one of our paper forms since September 2010 you are already registered on the ShopWithScrip website. Click on the hyperlink above and, in the orange “Member’s Login” box, enter your User Name and Password as follows:
User Name: your e-mail address as it appears in the School Family Directory (if you were not listed there, your user name is firstnamelastname (e.g., johndoe)
Password: your 7-digit phone number (no hyphen)
Click on the “User Guide” on the menu to your left for detailed instructions on how to place an order.
If you have not placed a Scrip order since September 2010 click on the hyperlink above, then in the green Family Sign Up box on the left, click on Create Account. You will be prompted for our enrollment code, which follows.
Enrollment Code: 15FL53LF5387
After you have registered you can click on the “User Guide” on the menu to your left for detailed instructions on how to place an order.

Scrip From These Retailers Are Usually "On Hand."

Applebee's: $25 In To Video: $3 Panera: $10
Aztekita: $10 KFC: $5 Pizza Hut: $10
Chili's: $25 Kohl's: $25 Red Lobster: $25
  Kouri's: $10 Shell: $25
Barnes & Noble: $10 Kroger: $25* Steak 'n Shake: $10
Bed Bath & Beyond: $25 Land's End: $25 Subway: $10
Cracker Barrel: $10 Longhorn Steakhouse: $25 Super Wash: $4.50
Dairy Queen: $10 Lowe's: $25 Target: $25
Firehouse Pizza: $20   Texas Roadhouse: $25
The Flame: $10 Menard's: $25 Video World: $3
Gap: $25 Michael's: $20  
Geo's Pizza: $10 Old Navy: $25 Walgreen's: $25
IGA: $25 & $50 Olive Garden: $25 Walmart: $25 & $100


* locally reloadable at your Kroger Customer Service desk using the credit card, cash or check that you normally use to buy groceries.