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Preschool Supply List 2018-19



Learning Centers: The classroom is divided into several learning centers including: sensory, writing, quiet/literacy, art, science, table toys, blocks, and housekeeping. During learning centers, children choose where they would like to explore and may move about from center to center at their own will. The children learn to respect their space, interact with each other, share, and work together. It is a time of discovery, exploration, and meaningful play.

Outside: We will be going outside as much as possible for our gross motor time. Please send your child in appropriate clothing and outerwear. When it is too cold or rainy, we will meet in the gym.

Snack: We will have a snack menu available each month. Please check school website under Preschool for the August and September snack calendar. We ask that parents provide snack on the day they are assigned. This snack will be used in the morning with the extras being used in the afternoon. If your child has any dietary restrictions, or allergies, please let us know immediately. Please remember snack MUST be store bought and in their original packaging. No homemade goodies please. If you are to bring a fruit or vegetable, please leave it unsliced and we will prepare the food just before snack is served. If you have granola bars or other snack that may have any kind of nut, we ask that you choose something similar without nuts. We do have several nut allergies throughout the school and would like to keep everyone here safe. Please also make sure to provide enough snack for all children.

Rest Time: Each day, the children will take a rest on a rug. This gives the children a chance to slow down their bodies and fuel up for more learning in the afternoon. Each child is expected to lay or sit on their rug quietly during this time. Your child will need to bring a pillow and blanket to school on the first day. We will send home those items every 2 weeks or so to be washed. Please send back after the items have been washed. Also, your child is allowed to bring one stuffed animal or special lovie to rest with.

Birthdays/half-birthdays: If you would like your child to celebrate his/her birthday at school, please send birthday treats to school with your child on their day. We will place the birthday treats in the birthday basket and at the end of the day, we will have your child pass out their special treat for their friends. We also ask that all birthday treats be non- food items. Ideas might include stickers, bouncy balls, bubbles, pencils, paper, etc. Sweet treats are wonderful, but we ask that you please leave them at home. They are often time consuming to clean up and some children are not able to enjoy the sweet treat because of food allergies. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Classroom Parties: We will have three classroom parties: Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Parent volunteers are needed and sign-up sheets will be available during Our Back to School Night before school starts.

Fieldtrips: We plan to take a few field trips this year. Sometimes there may be a fee associated with the trip. We will send out more information on field trips, as well as transportation as we move throughout the school year. Because we have many working parents, we typically take a bus to our fieldtrips but may walk if it will be close by or ask for parent volunteers to drive. When the occasion arises, we will be sure to guide you through the permission slip process.

Safe Environment Training: Any parent wishing to assist in the classroom or attend field trips throughout the school year must complete the Safe Environment Training program and the accompanying fingerprint/background check, per diocesan requirements. If you have not previously completed this process, please watch for more information for dates and times on website!

Extra Clothing: Accidents can happen at school. The children also have the opportunity to paint daily, so please consider this when dressing your child. We ask that you keep an extra set (or two) of clothing in a Ziploc bag in your child’s back-pack (even if your child is potty trained). Please label the Ziploc with the child’s name, and change the clothing seasonally.

Communication: Our goal at St. Mary’s is to conserve paper when possible. Weekly classroom newsletters will be sent home. With that being said, if you ever need to contact the teacher, please send an email or call. Often times children forget to pass along notes placed in their book bags, so the best way is to call or email. We will sometimes send home notes in book bags. Please keep a folder in your child's bag for important papers.

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled during the year. However, if you have a concern, please feel free to contact the teacher at any time.

Absences: Please call 367-2528 to report any absences.

Email: The best way to contact is through the school. The Email address of the teacher will be given at the time of registration. Most importantly, we will have so much fun this year! We look forward to learning and growing right along with your child.If you have any questions throughout the school year, please be sure to ask and communicate with us. We look forward to meeting you all very soon!

Pre-care:  We will offer pre-care from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. for students enrolled in our preschool – 5th grade. The cost will be $4 per day.  Aftercare will be available from 3:00 until 6:00. The cost per day will be $8 per day or $4 per hour. If you utilize both morning and afternoon the cost will be $10 per day. 

On early dismissal days aftercare could be utilized until normal pick up for an additional $5 per day.

Enrollment and Registration: Preference will be given to families with students currently enrolled at St Mary’s school and new Catholic families on a first come first serve basis until the class fills up.  After that, enrollment will be open to anyone. Enrollment will be capped at 15 students for the 2016-17 school year. Our intention is to staff the preschool with at least one Licensed Early childhood teacher and one aide creating a student to teacher ratio of no more than 8-1. A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be required to secure a spot at the time of registration which will be applied to tuition for the school year. Payment arrangements can be made through Karen Camper the parish bookkeeper at the rectory.